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The day before Thanksgiving 2021

Tomorrow is the day before Thanksgiving 2022. Every single year this particular Wednesday always stands out and is often easy to be remembered. Whether you’re a child getting ready to head to Grandma’s house, logging your last couple of hours of peace before you start working the holiday season in Retail Sales, or just excited to be ‘off’ for a couple extra days and excited to spend time doing whatever and eating whatever, this 4th Wednesday of November is always full of anticipation.

I am not here to blog about tomorrow though, I am here to write about the last 365 days and how amazing and smoothly it all went. How happy I have been this year, how void of stress or anxiety or duress. (95% of the time I mean.) I am so thankful for the last year of my life, so grateful to each and every person who impacted me, touched my heart or made me smile and laugh.

After a divorce, the loss of a couple best friends, then a few years of a pandemic which also included one of the darkest elections this country has experienced, and the death of my heart dog Tucker, I really had pretty low expectations for 2022. I actually don’t think I had any expectations. But thank goodness my lack of expectations helped make each wonderful day, week, month and quarter just plain lovely.

I used to be great at journal entry and keeping great notes on what happened each day and blah, blah, blah. I always used to say “I want to remember this someday.” I did, and sometimes I still do but I guess I am not as patient to sit and make meticulous notes on what the day held. I am not going to chronicle each thing that happened this year, but I do want to remember how it felt to have a year – a whole 365 days go by and at the end of it be able to take a deep breath, slowly exhale and say: “Let’s do that again!”

Happy Thanksgiving to each one of you, whether you celebrate this particular holiday or not, I wish you a year just like the one I just finished and starting the day before Thanksgiving 2021.

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Amy Maib

Amy Maib has been in Real Estate since 2014 and is known as Yakima's Rescue Realtor® due to her commitment to helping bring awareness to and supporting the many animal rescues in the area. A portion of every commission is donated to an animal rescue or shelter in the clients name.

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