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The Client Pledge

8 years ago I opened my real estate business after having just lost my job, which I LOVED, and bought my first home only one month before that occurred.

What was I going to do now?

I am not going to bore you with a long story covering the last 8 years, however, I will tell you what is my purpose in life.

It is making sure people that I know/come across/work with and for know without a doubt that I 
Hear them.
See them. 
Understand them. 

I want them to consider me a friend or someone they would trust, someone who made them feel…. even if our paths cross just one time. That is the kind of impact I want to leave on and with people.

So I am a Realtor®

And you can line us around the block – it is certainly not hard to find one. However, I want you to 


And you can’t choose me if you don’t know me, my team, and what we stand for in general. So here is our Team Mission Statement.

As a Realtor® I commit to clean and direct communication, never bending the truth to make a sale or convince a client of something, and working as hard as I can for every single customer who intersects my path. Specializing in residential transactions in the Yakima and immediate area; my aim is to have top-of-mind awareness and to be respected as a local, professional business owner.

If you want to know more. 
“Who is Amy and why does she think she’s offering something other real estate agents don’t?”
“What does she mean by Client Pledge?”
“What does she mean by ‘team’?”
Or my favorite:
“Oh, you’re in real estate, how is the market doing?”

Click the buttons below to sign up and I will contact you during the next set of my business hours with our “60+ Client Experience Pledge”. You will also receive the “Homebuying Process Guide” and/or “Your Next Steps to Selling”. Help me fulfill my passion!