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The Rescue Realtor® Amy Maib

Being an animal advocate is one of my passions. A portion of every home sale is donated to a local animal rescue. With over $100,500.00+ donated to date, I am striving to make a change in the lives of less fortunate animals. In addition to monetary donation’s, I myself have also rescued dogs and made them part of my family. Meet Tucker, Bella and Hartley.

This is Tucker, aka Tucker LaRue, Schoodle, Bug, Devil Dog and Bugalicious. Tucker was a ‘purchased’ dog, before I knew anything about rescue. I wanted a dog to fit in a purse which he did for about a week. He is my soulmate and was 13 years old when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Sept. 2021.


Meet Hartley, she was at Yakima Humane Society and I thought she would make a good foster dog. We found out a couple weeks later she was pregnant! So after giving birth in my bed, to four pups, I decided to give the sweet mama a forever home and she has been my mama dog for many foster dogs and cats since. She is the funniest dog in all the land.

This is Bella who was a rescue from a family that didn’t have time for her so they crated her 8-10 hours a day. They also had 2 little girls and I believe they might have been pretty rough with her as she used to ‘pancake’ to the floor when scared. She is all love and the sweetest girl in all the land.


Beau is a one year old Yorkiepoo who was living with a pack of 12 mostly designer dogs and a lady who couldn’t take care of 12 dogs. So he was surrendered to Yakima Valley Pet Rescue and I quickly scooped this little ball of fire up. Beau is the craziest dog in all the land.